After the deluge

Seemed odd to have Planning & Transportation, a school governors’ meeting, and the Policy and Resources Committee on the day after the election. Planning looked as if a plague had decimated its membership. It hadn’t. Two lost in the polls, two or three had not stood for re-election, some had gone to the boys’ school meeting. In the Members’ Room, pre-electoral tension had given way to post-election euphoria, mixed with some sadness at the loss of old hands – Stella, Pauline, and Janet, Peter of pipe and buttonhole, another Peter, John of the red socks, Archie (again) – and cheers for Ann, an unlikely heroine, and Robin, the champions of Cheap. People looked like dazed survivors, though this was partly the result of weeks of campaigning, endless talk, including always the word “if” – “if I am re-elected…” – and tiredness. The officers involved in the count looked tireder still. Members had anxiously awaited the result of the Farringdon Without tournament – casualties on both sides – which came well after midnight to people celebrating their own victories.

As we in the Members’ Room told stories of election day two men were busy relabelling the members’ pigeon holes ready for their new users. I can tell you one useless piece of information. There are fewer members with surnames A-D than there used to be!

1 thought on “After the deluge

  1. I am delighted that the objectionable intrusion into the affairs of another Ward has born no fruit, and those named and concerned with this personal attack are duly ashamed.and deflated. Enough of sniping and political intervention. Allow those with knowledge and experience to lead and advise, so that the hot heads learn to listen and the CoLC gets back to doing what it does best, running the best local council for the greater good not just in London.
    I wish all elected the strength to change the things that need to be changed, the grace to accept the things that cannot be changed, and the humility to recognise the difference..

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