Standing up for Bedspread

Bedspread has three BYTs standing for Election.  Standing is what they do.  They will stand up for the City.  They will stand up for Britain.  They will stand up for bankers.  They will stand up for the NHS if it will get them votes, but they really don’t believe in it.  They will stand up for the  Ward of Bedspread.

BYTs are easily identified.  They are the one’s who sent the survey out earlier to find out what the electors of Bedspread really think.  If you search for them on the web they will turn out to be members of RIE (repatriate illegal immigrants) or some similar body with a neat acronym.  One will be the executive officer, another the research officer, a third the events officer, a fourth the press officer, and so on.  It is also reminiscent of school societies and you might think it was a game, but these people are serious and, despite outward appearances, they really may not be very nice.

Do they have policies?  Ostensibly they do, policies you might support and I might agree with. They support Barts, and forget Mrs Bottomey.  They have an obsession with stations, underground or railway, which they want to improve.  They would like to limit street works.  They are all in favour of a vibrant night- time economy, as that’s when their drinking.  Just now,however, they swagger round the Ward, rather than stagger,and are totally convinced they will win.  One of them told one of the current Councilmen “You are going to lose!”. If thwin should win we will discover what their policies really are and I think you can be certain they won’t be about streetworks and late licences.  No, they will have another agenda.

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