News from the Ward of Bedspread

Excitement is mounting in Bedspread as the election approaches.  There are ten declared candidates for four places, and only three of the sitting members are standing for re-election.  One candidate has withdrawn, having put in papers for a number of Wards, and probably hoping to be returned unopposed.  That leaves nine.

First on the list is the Labour Party candidate.  Yes, I know, you thought there were no political parties in the City.  Parties, yes.  Politics, yes.  Political parties, no.  Well, you are right, more or less.  Nearly everyone says that they are independent.  We have left wing independents, centre left independents, centre right independents, right wing independents.  It’s a bit like our postcodes, EC1, EC2, EC3, and EC4.  This time we need to add anarchist, nihilist, abolish the City, anti-austerity, no cuts independents, and get out of Europe, scrap the coalition, cut public spending, bring back Margaret Thatcher independents, too.  

No one actually knows how the City of London Labour Party is linked to the Labour Party in the Cities of London and Westminster (which doesn’t seem to know about the election) or to the Miliband Labour Party.  And no one knows what they represent, but variety certainly spices up the election and the Labour Party candidate is very welcome.  In 2009 they alleged that the bulk of CCs were professional bankers belonging to an old boys’ network.  This came as a bit of a shock in Bedspread where not a single CC is a banker, or had ever been a banker or wanted to be a banker – well, who would admit to being one?  Now if they said they were Freemasons, that would be another story!

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