Election Fever 2

This election has been marked by much pre-election activity.  A favoured route is the survey.  “I and my colleagues are carrying out a survey to find out what are the key issues in the Ward of Bedspread.” No mention of standing for election – not yet.  Bedspread is likely to have a few sitting members.  They may be long-standing members of the Court of Common Council who have, in their time, achieved a great deal.  They used to know the Ward well but it has changed and they have not changed with it, except to grow older.  They may have developed a real passion for some of the City’s more distant activities, such as Hampstead Heath or Epping Forest, rather than for street works and the night time economy.  And the public benefit conferred by the Corporation is obvious to them, so why is it not obvious to everyone?  

Such older members are seen as fair game for bright young activists.  They are going to make their way in politics and they don’t mind who they trample on in the process.  They have an ideology of sorts.  Oddly whether they are left or right, liberal or authoritarian, they seem to find something about CoL that they don’t like.  It is just too middle-of-the-road, pragmatic, adaptable.  They want extremes.  They like smashing things.  But they are unlikely to serve either the City or the Ward of Bedspread with any conviction.  The electors are being used cynically for political advancement.  (Some only want political advancement if it brings money and power, eschewing the idea of Parliament because an MP is paid so little.)

And we should feel sorry for the Heath and the Forest and the schools that rely on the City governors as the new Councilmen for Bedspread Ward will have no interest in these things.  Not political enough.  Nothing to smash.


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