Election Fever 1

The City of London Guildhall has become a teeming mass of anxiety as we move towards Common Council elections later this month.  The final lists of candidates have just been posted.  Election addresses are drafted.  Slates drawn up.  Alliances made, friendships renewed, and old enmities rekindled.  Those who have worked together for years suddenly find that they are in competition for a seat in the Council.  The question then is how to gain an advantageSome think, rightly, that advantage is gained by good service to the electorate and on committees, the diligent reading of papers and an attentive presence at meetings.  These should be re-elected.

Others think that statements promising future achievements will suffice, statements that might grace the manifesto of a national party rather than the election address of a City councillor. Others again claim for themselves the achievements of others, saying “we did this” or “we did that”, when the most they actually did was to vote for or against something, with little knowledge and less commitment.  These look grand, gilded for electoral purpoases, but are all plaster beneath the fresh layer of paint.  These should not be re-elected.  It is quite easy to tell the difference between them.


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